Presentation at Celina Garden Club

June 2024 Celina Garden Club Meeting

June 24, 2024 | Save The Bees USA recently had the pleasure of presenting to the Celina Garden Club during their monthly meeting. We enjoyed a delicious lunch provided by the club and took a memorable group photo at the end. The Celina Garden Club is a big supporter of The Garden of Oz, a children’s exploration learning garden at Celina Elementary School, and they also sponsor a biannual garden tour of select gardens around Celina.

Shanon and James, founders of Save The Bees USA, kicked off the presentation with introductions and shared the story of how their organization began. They highlighted some key facts about bees in Collin County, including the tax exemption for bees enacted in January 2012.

The presentation covered various types of bees, focusing on solitary bees, which number over 20,000 species with only 8 being honeybees. They explained how honeybees, leafcutter bees, and bumblebees contribute to pollination. Honeybees are social and follow scout bees’ directions, while solitary bees pollinate a variety of plants on their own.

They also discussed bee homes, including honeybee hives, bumblebee boxes, and solitary bee boxes. The garden club learned how to create bee-friendly gardens by providing water sources with marbles in bowls and planting flowers that bees can see, like purple and violet blooms.

The event was informative and inspiring, strengthening the bond between Save The Bees USA and the Celina Garden Club. Together, they aim to make Celina a bee-friendly community.


Presentation at Celina Garden Club

June 24, 2024 | Save The Bees USA recently had the pleasure of presenting to the Celina Garden Club during…
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